The American Revolution Bicentennial: Graphics Standards Manual facsimile

A Standards Manual publication

Produced with Jesse Reed
Photographs by Brian Kelly

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Official Symbol of The American Revolution Bicentennial: Guidelines for Authorized Usage; Official Graphics Standards Manual was designed by Bruce Blackburn in 1974 after winning a national competition to design a symbol to celebrate America’s 200th birthday. Bruce would later design NASA’s famous “worm” logo with Richard Danne.

This edition is a perfect facsimile of the original, wrapped in a black jacket with a foil stamped foreword from Bruce Blackburn and an essay from Christopher Bonanos. The first 1,976 copies are limited edition, featuring a hand-placed original bicentennial post stamp from ’76.

Special thanks to Bruce and Tina Blackburn for their assistance and support in producing this facsimile to be treasured by the next generation of designers.

The limited edition version includes a hand-placed original bicentennial US postage stamp from 1976