The NYC Subway Poster

The NYC Subway Poster
A project with Alex Daly




Inspired by the iconic New York subway signage designed by Unimark, the NYC Subway Poster depicts all 469 stations on one poster.

Printed in Italy with 11 Pantone spot colors on fine German paper.

5.6 million daily riders
7,883 weekday trips
6,383 subway cars
A lot of rats
840 miles of track
469 stations
21 routes
1 poster

The poster is based on the iconic New York subway signage designed in 1970 by Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda at Unimark.

A limited edition silkscreen print was made in an edition of 100.

The poster is over 55” tall and was printed by master printer Alexander Heinrici in New York.

The silkscreen uses the original 1970 color scheme: black type (Standards Medium digitized by Nick Sherman) on a white sign.