A street safety message for New Yorkers

LOOK! A street safety message for New Yorkers

NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT)

Creative director:
Michael Bierut


Campaign photography:
Aron Fay

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Developed in collaboration with the New York City Department of Transportation, LOOK! is a playful new symbol and campaign to tackle the serious issue of pedestrian safety by reminding pedestrians and drivers to look before entering crosswalks and intersections.

The new symbol consists of a single simple word‚—“LOOK!”— in which the graphic turns the “O”s of the word into a pair of eyes. The pupils, positioned to the left or right, let pedestrians know exactly which way to look. New Yorkers are accustomed to glancing down as they walk, and on the pavement the graphic becomes a quick and intuitive cue, easily understood by pedestrians of all ages and languages.

The eyes are positioned to look toward oncoming traffic.

Placement guidelines

The LOOK! markings were introduced with an advertising campaign reminding people to walk safe, cross smart.

The message has also been installed in New York’s yellow taxi fleet, reminding users to look before opening their door (designed by DOT).