Mastercard identity

Mastercard global brand identity

Mastercard USA

Creative director:
Michael Bierut
Luke Hayman

Designed with:
Andrea Trabucco-Campos


Mastercard is a brand synonymous with payments. It is a company that connects consumers to merchants and enables transactions over its payment network.

Since 1966 the company’s logo has consisted of two elements: an intersecting red and yellow circle. This remarkable consistency has earned the Mastercard brand almost global recognition.

The new Mastercard logo simplifies the changes that have accumulated over the last 50 years and is the basis for a design system with simplicity and connection at the forefront.

The new Mastercard emphasizes simplicity. Ads like this are no longer appropriate, but simple design never goes out of style.

The logo has remained remarkably consistent, earning Mastercard near global recognition.

Instead of separate consumer and corporate logos (1996 and 2006), the new logo will represent the whole company.

The typeface FF Mark has been deployed company-wide.

The new logo uses additive color mixing, producing a brighter overlap color.

This creates the perfect conditions to witness the simultaneous contrast effect.

Even though the orange is one flat color, the eye perceives it as a gradient due to the proximity of contrasting red and yellow.

This illusion gives the logo a vibrancy that was not present in the original.

The simultaneous contrast effect can be observed when comparing the left edge of the orange to the right (the right appears darker than the left).

Keep your eye on the yellow and notice its change in appearance as the red and yellow appear.