NYC DOT Parking Signs

NYC DOT parking signs redesign

NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT)

Creative director:
Michael Bierut, Tracey Cameron


Long a point of confusion, New York City’s parking signs have been redesigned to help drivers understand daily parking restrictions and avoid fines.

Standardized colors and layouts help to simplify the signs, easing interpretation for commercial and public drivers alike. Redundant language has been reduced down to fewer characters and lettering has been set in the font Highway, a typeface widely used by the US DOT and mandated for use on New York City parking signage.

Large numerals indicating allowed time and simple icons help drivers get a quick glance at the signs, saving some time and hopefully keeping their eyes fixed on the road ahead.

The old signs (above), were all text and notoriously difficult to decifer.

A large numeral indicating the parking time is the largest element on the new signs.

Instead of the time of day being displayed first, the day of the week is now first—a more practical hierarchy.

Adding icons helps drivers get a quick read of the signs and keeps their eyes on the road ahead.

The icons uses the same grid and style as WalkNYC icons, creating a link between the parking signs and the pedestrian wayfinding system.

Hundreds of thousands of the signs are continiously being installed in all five boroughs of New York City.