Bellingcat identity

Eliot Higgins

Seb Lenton



Bellingcat is an organization led by Eliot Higgins—aka Brown Moses—dedicated to open source citizen investigative journalism with a particular focus on Middle Eastern conflicts.

This unique form of journalism has lead to the Bellingcat report on the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) on July 17, 2014 in Ukraine that killed all on board.Using photographic evidence and reports from the area, Bellingcat has uncovered facts about the origin of the Buk missile launcher used in the attack.

Bellingcat is all about asking questions and turning things on their head. The identity plays with this idea, replacing the “i” in “Bellingcat” with an upside down question mark.

The name Bellingcat (chosen by Eliot Higgins) comes from the Æsop fable Belling the Cat.

When used alone, the Bellingcat mark becomes a symbol for the organization and also resembles a lowercase b, an abstract bell, and a cat’s tail.

Eliot’s talents in weapon identification were highlighted in the 2012 New Yorker article Rocket Man by Patrick Radden Keefe.